Kew Jujutsu Testimonial Daniel Italian

I have been training for nearly 5 years under the supervision of Sensei Max and currently a brown belt , every class is still interesting as the first one... learning the clubs syllabus and also exploring many other different techniques, make it even more enjoyable Jujitsu has definitely improved my fitness, therefore power, endurance, balance and coordination... and if you are looking for some real effective self-defence techniques, well you've found it. Oss!!

Daniel - 1st Kyu (F&B Manager)

Kew Jujutsu Testimonial Nick

I have been studying Jujitsu under Sensei Max instruction for +six years. Having sampled a variety of martial arts, I found Jujitsu to be a complete and versatile martial art that incorporates a lot of the throws and leverage of Judo, nerve and attacker momentum of Aikido, and striking and kicking of Karate however it is not restricted to these disciplines. Sensei Max is very good at finding a balance in his classes to ensure that irrespective of your martial art knowledge or physical abilities you will all be challenged in a positive progressive way. Sensei promotes an environment of mutual respect and care for your fellow student, ensuring a relatively safe and comfortable, yet physically demanding class.

Nick - Ni Dan (IT Consultant)

Kew Jujutsu Testimonial Daniel

I’ve been training at this particular Dojo for three years and feel the training style to be one of the best I have experienced. It stays true to it’s Japanese roots, while at the same time looking for new and modern ways to solve the age old problem of defending yourself against an attacker. Jujitsu does not require size or strength to defeat an attacker and the individual techniques can be tailored to suit every individual, which explains the variety of people who train here. I have now moved out of the local area, but still continue to train with Senseis, which is a testament to the teaching style and variety of techniques available.

Daniel - 1st Kyu (Recruitment Consultant)

I started doing martial arts at the age of 40 when my daughter decided to try judo. It’s great – we do the judo classes together and I also do the jujitsu classes, although she's nearly old enough to join jujitsu as well. It’s an excellent way to stay fit and and have fun. I love the versatility of jujitsu where nothing is ignored – there’s punching and kicking but also throws, grappling, submissions, and even a bit of street thrown in. It’s a really complete discipline. In addition, Sensei Max is a fantastic teacher. His explanations and demonstrations make it seem easy and his encouragement and sense of humour have me looking forward to each class. If you've never done martial arts but are curious, I highly recommend coming down to the club and trying it out – you’re never too old to start.

Joe - 1st Kyu (Prof. of Neuroscience)

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