Welcome to the Anglo Japanese Martial Arts School

At the Anglo Japanese Martial Arts School, Ju Jitsu techniques are taught with emphasis safety and well being of the students. The techniques are practical and effective for self defence in the modern world. The techniques used in our school are not taught to children and each adult wishing to join is vetted closely prior to being allowed participate. Classes consist of conditioning of the body to minimise risk of injury, and teaching techniques through demonstration and repetition. The Anglo Japanese Martial Arts School is associated with Busen, and student are taught the Busen syllabus and encouraged to grade periodically at Busen (Twickenham).

Class Information

Ju-Jitsu (or Jujutsu) origins are from feudal Japan where Samurai were taught techniques of dispatching an adversary without the use of weapons. The translations literally mean ‘gentle art’ or ‘soft art’. Read more here...

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Dojo Location

We are located in Richmond, Greater London. The nearest tube station is Kew Gardens. The dojo is located behind the Victoria Working Men's Club.

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Training Photos

We have a collection of photos from some recent training sections, showing techniques and conditioning exercises. Follow the link to see Judo and Jujutsu in action.

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